EDU 698: Capstone Project


              Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been a focus in Thailand since the passage of the National Education Act (NEA) of 1999. Since then, many ICT projects have been executed with the goals of resource sharing among educational institutions through intranets and increasing computer literacy. A number of ICT projects in place have the added benefit of being in concert with the United Nation’s Millennial Development Goals (UNMDG) for poverty reduction. Successful ICT implementation in educational settings has been shown to depend on the host culture’s acceptance of computing technologies. This paper explores the ICT usage and perceptions of faculty members at Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University (MCRU) through two questionnaires. Additional personal interviews assess the needs of a successful ICT structure at MCRU as well. This information is then analyzed and presented to illustrate the current status of ICT at MCRU as well as to give recommendations for a blended learning pedagogy.

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